Take A Dip In Intel’s Lunar Lake

Intel’s New Fully Loaded SoC

Intel have let loose the floodgates of Lunar Lake, giving us an idea what to expect from new SoC designs such as the Core Ultra 200 MX.  The chip houses eight CPU cores, four are the new Lion Cove P-cores, the other are Skymont E-cores with 12 MB L3 cache shared between them.  In addition there is up to 32 GB of LPDDR5X memory onboard as well as a 5nm Xe2 Battlemage GPU with eight Xe2 cores, 1,024 unified shaders, and eight next-generation ray tracing units; not to mention full DX12 support

As everything is AI now, this GPU introduces Intel’s matrix extension engine which enables the GPU to provide 67 TOPS of AI performance.   That is not the only source of AI processing power however, for Lunar Lake also sports an NPU 4 module which triples the performance of their previous NPU 3, with a reported 48 TOPS of performance.

The power consumed by Lunar Lake under load could spike up to somewhere around 57W, but generally you are looking at a peak of 17W, which is reasonable when compared to the Apple M2 or Snapdragon X Elite that Lunar Lake is intended to compete against.

Head over to peruse the slides and other technical details at TechPowerUp.

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