System Shock Is Still Coming And Did Show Up For Gamescom

A Look At A 20 Minute Demo

To be clear as to which flavour of System Shock remake this refers to, it is Nightdive’s remake of the original game which was shown off at Gamescom, not OtherSide Entertainment’s System Shock 3 nor Nightdive’s System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition.  We haven’t seen anything from the latter two, but back in February 2021 we did get to see an alpha demo of the System Shock remake.   This description of the new demo they showed off suggests that is similar in content but much more polished.

From the sounds of it, those who did not play through the original may experience some frustration with the game, it has been a while since a AAA title demanded you manually enter keycodes instead of autofilling them once you discover the code.  Then again, those who haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with SHODAN are in for a treat as it sounds like the atmosphere of the original game has not just been retained, but also enhanced.

Take a peek at the video over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN for a better idea of what that actually means.

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