Synced, Another Online Roguelite Hero-Shooter

It’s Also A Rogue-Looter?

While there is a wide variety of online hero shooters available to play, mostly for free, Level Infinite feels that there is room for one more.  The game was originally titled Synced: Off Planet, however someone was bright enough to shorten that name to Synced during the three years it has been in development.  They’ve included five heroes to chose from, Deadcut, Glory, Doc Stone, Ragna, and Par though the PvE version of the game offers you a squad of three, at least until you recruit some primes.

As with other games of this type, it doesn’t really make any sense until you play it.  There is an open beta starting up in December, or you could just check out the video over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN instead.  One relatively unique feature of Synced is that any weapons or upgrades you pick up on one map will be permanently yours, allowing you to customize your hero, as well as making them significantly more powerful.

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