Supersize Your RAM With The Patriot Viper Elite 5 RGB DDR5-6000 96GB Kit

I Like Big DIMMs And I Cannot Lie!

The hunger for RAM grows with every software update and Patriot’s new Viper Elite 5 RGB kit offers a solution.  The 96GB DDR5-6000 kit is dual channel, with each DIMM sporting 48GB of memory.  They might look rather plain, but if the white heatspreaders don’t do it for you, be assured that the top of the DIMMs will glow in  every colour of the rainbow if you enable the RGB feature.  The kit’s XMP settings will have you running at DDR5-6000 with timings of 42-42-42-80 2T at 1.35V without effort, and your system will have a respectable pool of RAM to draw upon.

TweakTown spent a fair amount of time trying to get the most out of the Viper Elite 5 RGB kit and their efforts were very fruitful.  They increased the VDD, VDDq, and Tx to 1.45V, set the system agent 1.12V and 1.35V for the MC, which let them tighten the timings to 28-36-36 while remaining completely stable at DDR5-6000.  That might hurt the longevity of the DIMMs somewhat but will give you a nice performance boost.  If you are willing to hit 1.5V, this kit will also run at a stable DDR5-7000 with some minor loosening of timings if you prefer.

Check out the benchmark results here.

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