STALKER 2 Publisher GSC Game World Got Hacked

Somehow Doxxing Threats When Your Home Has Already Been Destroyed Seems Cheesy

You may see some spoilers about the forthcoming S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 Heart of Chornobyl game on the web, as they have been hacked and some data was stolen.  This includes game assets such as the entire storyline, cutscene descriptions, concept art, and global maps.  The parties responsible are pretty easy to figure out, as they are demanding a Russian localization at release or soon after, the unbanning of a specific person from the Heart of Chornobyl official Discord channel and most amusingly, that GSC “Reconsider their attitude towards players from Belarus and Russia.”

While EA and CD Projekt Red have both stopped selling games to Steam and other accounts in Russia and Belarus, it does not seem that GSC Game World have made this their official policy.  If you see some assets floating around the web in the next few days or weeks, consider giving them a miss, eh?

Wait for the game to be released, some time later this year.

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