Space Cadets Should Check Out Nebulous: Fleet Command

Jane’s Combat Simulations, Homeworld Edition

I gave Nebulous: Fleet Command a try more than a few months ago, and struggled figuring just how to successfully connect a missile to a ship I couldn’t see, which was hiding behind an asteroid, which the game assured me was definitely there.  The problem was in part trying to get my brain to deal with the 3D path of waypoints.  Make sure to swing the camera around so you can verify the actual location of the missile’s waypoints around the asteroid.  Once I did manage that, the missile’s onboard targeting did lock onto the previously invisible enemy craft but unfortunately the ships point defence was good enough to take my missile down.  Guess I should have sent three.

Nebulous: Fleet Command is still in early access but came to the attention of Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN and they published their thoughts.  The missile commands are just a drop in the bucket of a complex simulator, impacts to your hull do not just lower your overall armour, every place is armoured separately and the systems that run your ship have very specific locations.  Roll your ship to spread kinetic damage around but make sure not to expose your extremely vulnerable communications array, or you won’t be able to benefit from the scan information from the other ships in your small fleet.

If you like simulator style combat, especially space combat, then think about dropping $30 and checking it out.

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