Someone Unmuted AMD Noise Suppression Before They Should Have

RTX Voice For The Other Guys

The AMD YouTube channel prematurely spilled the beans on a new feature that will be added to Radeon GPUs, AMD Noise Suppression.  Just like with NVIDIA’s RTX Voice, aka Broadcast, AMD Noise Suppression will use the processing power on your GPU to remove background noise from your surroundings when you are streaming audio.

As it was an accidental announcement we know little more than what can be seen in the video, captured by Reddit user u/zenobian who uploaded it to the AMD subreddit.  There is no sign of the original video on AMD’s YouTube channel now, but you can watch the scraped video here.  If you guess that the new feature involves deep learning then pat yourself on the back, as that is exactly what the video describes.

Interestingly they claim it works for both input and output, so if you are listening to someone without either the NVIDIA or AMD noise suppression software, you should still hear little in the way of background noise.  It is not known when AMD intended to officially announce this new feature but now that it has been leaked it will likely be available in some form in the near future.

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