Some VMWare Products Are Virtually Free For Home Use

Broadcom Isn’t 100% Awful?

When Broadcom took over VMWare there was concern that it could spell the end of several of VMWare’s popular products as Broadcom has similar offerings.  Broadcom has sold off the remote desktop and app virtualization products but Workstation Pro and Fusion Pro are not only staying, they will be free for personal use.  Workstation Pro for Windows or Linux and Fusion Pro for iOS will now come in two versions, one “Free Personal Use” and a “Paid Commercial Use” subscription for organizations. 

There will be no functional difference between the free and paid versions, apart from a watermark on the free version indicating it is only for personal use.  Broadcom is also being unexpectedly generous with these two versions, for now the user gets to decide which version to use.  The only apparent downside at the moment is the loss of Workstation Player and Fusion Player, which have been made redundant now that the Pro versions can be used for free.

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