Solidigm P41 Plus, DRAMless QLC With Performance?

SK Hynix + Intel NAND = Solidigm

As the headline says, Solidigm is the name SK Hynix gave to products using Intel’s flash after they bought that part of their business in December of last year.   It seems that they took the existing business and let the QLC NAND age like a fine Maltavino, into something quite tasty for those looking for a deal on storage.

We all know that QLC is both the least expensive and slowest of NANDs, and an SSD without a DRAM cache won’t end up at the top of the charts even if paired with a decent controller like Silicon Motion’s SM2269XT.   What it can do is comply with Ryan’s Law, currently the price on Newegg is $170 for the 2TB version of the Solidigm P41 Plus and that is hard to say no to.

As to the performance, TweakTown’s file copy test saw writes of 997 MB/s and the 3DMark SSD gaming test gave the same results as the venerable Samsung 980 Pro.  That is certainly something for a QLC drive to brag about!   Check out all the benchmarks here.

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