Skyrim Together Reborn Is Quite Popular

Almost 100,000 Unique Downloads As Of Now

You thought you were finally free of Skyrim, but what if you could revisit it with friends?  Skyrim Together Reborn is a newly finished mod that allows you to travel Cyrodiil with a party of 2 to 8 people; much to the dismay of dragons everywhere.  The mod requires that one person be appointed party leader, who will be the only one in the party able to talk to NPCs and loot quest items.  The designers strongly suggest that you do not change party leaders while playing as it will likely break any active quests you have running.

The entire party is free to kill anything, and interact with puzzles so you will still have fun even if you are playing a much better version of Lydia.  You will need the Steam version of Skyrim Special Edition to apply the mod, which you can grab at Nexus Mods.  So far there have been some release pains, so check the posts for suggestions on how to fix many of the commonly encountered issues.

Have fun delving dungeons and hunting dragons!

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