Sineaptic’s New SE-1 Ribbon Driver Wireless Headphones

A New Company Offering Ribbon Drivers At A Mainstream Price

The SE-1 wireless headset is the first product TechPowerUp have seen from Sineaptic, and they have an interesting feature.  They used dual ribbon array drivers, which are generally not seen on headsets which cost less than $1000, but are selling them for ~$200.  Ribbon drivers are very light compared to coils which allows them to vibrate more accurately, and by using an array of them the SE-1 has more vibrating area to interface with the magnets to produce sound.  They are much better at highs and mids than lows, and they take more power to drive than traditional drivers, but not so much you need an extra power source for them.

Sineaptic chose to make the SE-1’s open back, relatively rare for wireless headsets, and included a built-in EQ mode to switch between balanced and bass enhanced sound signatures.  TPU’s impression was mostly positive with some caveats; they love that this is a brand new audio solution for this price point but they did feel that there is room for improvement in several ways.  Check out their exact words in the full review.

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