See Through Displays, Accordion TVs And Other CES 2024 Oddities

What’s A CES Without Some Weird Products

Have you ever been watching TV and suddenly had the urge to be able to see what was behind it as clearly as the show you are watching?  If so then LG has your back with the Signature OLED T, which is indeed a see through display.  The theory is that you might not want to know your giant flat panel exists unless you are actually watching it and so the OLED T is fully transparent until you push a button to trigger the black contrast film to roll down behind it.  At that point the see through display becomes a TV, albeit one with lower brightness and picture quality than their non-transparent flagship displays.

C Seed has a different idea to hide your 100″+ TV, the N1 TV folds itself up into something the size of a small bench when you aren’t using it.  When you do want to watch it, the TV will unfold into it’s full height in about 60 seconds.  From there it takes another 30 seconds or so for the five micro LED panels that comprise the TV to fold out so that you can catch up on your shows.  There is also an outdoor model, hopefully C Seed tosses in a waterproof cover for it.

Samsung are extending their foldable products with the Flex Note Extendable.  Similar to their phone, you can unfold it to a 13.8 display and then pull out even more screen from one side to get a full 17.3″ display.  The Flex Note Extendable is able to switch aspect ratios as you extend it, since it only expands along one axis.

Last but not least is an LG product which would go well with the first one mentioned, a see through speaker which is TV shaped.  The LG DukeBox is a 300W speaker with vacuum tube amplifiers, which you can clearly see thanks to the transparent design.  There are front facing speakers on the bottom and a pair of 360 degree speakers on top, the vast majority of the speaker is taken up by that transparent screen.  If you are wondering why, picture having your Spotify interface displayed on your speaker and you start to get LG’s idea.

Take a look at them all over at Ars Technica.

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