Scratch Your Surface? Microsoft Now Offers Official Replacement Parts

Tools Sold Separately, By iFixit

It’s been a long time coming, but soon you will be able to repair your Microsoft Surface with official parts!  While their warranty service is quite comprehensive, there comes a time when it expires and the price to get repairs can be quite steep.  The design of Surface devices is such that off the shelf parts won’t fit properly, only custom parts will work.  iFixit have been selling the tools, such as debonding cradles and battery protectors for well over a year but until now there was no official source for replaceable parts.

The older Surface models only get a limited amount of replacement parts, however newer models such as Surface 9 get a whole selection.  You will be able to purchase parts ranging from USB-C ports to screens, and even SSDs if you want to make sure even your storage is official.  The parts aren’t all cheap, a screen for a Surface Studio 2 Plus is $1750 quite a bit more than the $350 for a Surface Pro 9 screen however once you successfully repair your Surface it won’t look a little wonky.

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