Scotty, I need more power! The Corsair HX1500i Platinum

So You Wanna Buy An RTX 4070?

We do not yet know exactly how much power the next generation of GPUs will consume, but all the indications point to am increase over the previous generation.  The same is likely for new CPUs so suddenly a 1500W PSU starts to make sense.   The Corsair HX1500i is 80 PLUS Platinum rated, which actually starts to matter on a PSU of this magnitude as does the 140mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan.

The PSU features three EPS 12V connectors, a half dozen PCIe 6+2 of which half are 775mm in length and half 650mm and even a collection of SATA and PATA power cables.   As the name implies, the Corsair HX1500i is fully compatible with iCUE software to control fan curves and monitor your power levels. 

Kitguru found the power delivery to be very reliable, and they were able to push the PSU up to 1700W before it shut itself off.  The 10 year warranty is quite nice for a PSU of this power as well.  The only drawback is the cost, at $400 it does represent a significant investment.  The full review awaits.

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