Samsung 990 PRO 2TB NVMe SSD Review

Pricing and Final Thoughts

Our 2TB sample of the Samsung 990 PRO performed extremely well, with a fantastic showing in the “real-world” PCMark 10 storage tests. This should translate into an excellent overall experience for the end-user, with massive gains over the previous generation 980 PRO at this capacity.

How much will the new drives cost? As mentioned, the 990 PRO is offered in versions without (as reviewed) or with a heatsink, and the list pricing will be as follows:

  • 990 PRO 1TB: $169.99
  • 990 PRO 2TB: $289.99
  • 990 PRO with Heatsink 1TB: $189.99
  • 990 PRO with Heatsink 2TB: $309.99

If we look at current prices, the 2TB 980 PRO is currently around $219, which is a substantial discount from the $399 price we saw in early 2021. After testing both drives, however, I would recommend against the previous generation, particularly as the 990 PRO 2TB is launching at $289.99 – a much more wallet-friendly introductory price this time around.

As to availability, we have been informed that the 990 PRO Series SSDs will be available for pre-order on November 1st on Samsung’s web store.

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