S.M.S.L SU-1 DAC, Finally A DAC With USB-C

It Has Coax And Optical Inputs Too

The SU-1 DAC from Foshan ShuangMuSanLin technology Co. Ltd. is a bit different from the Fosi pre-amps we have reviewed here, though it does look similar.  Instead of outputting via banana plugs or bare wire, the stereo outputs are RCA and plug into speakers or a headphone amp.  It also supports MQA, sadly the company behind those folded master tracks has declared bankruptcy and no one is sure what the future holds for that unique streaming technology.

Inside you will find an XMOS XU316 32-bit bridge/encoder and an AKM AK4493SEQ 32-bit stereo DAC.  These are not easy removable, however the SU-1 DAC lists operating voltages on the test points on the PCB so it does offer some modding options if you dare.   TechPowerUp quite liked the audio output as the SU-1 DAC passes on a pure uncoloured signal to your speakers or headphones, just as you would hope.

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