Rounding Up Keyboards And Mice That Work For A Living

Ars Type-nica

When you see an article rounding up keyboards and mice you generally see a mix of input devices which are being recommended for gaming.  That’s not all they are used for, some peripherals work for a living and are even forced to describe other input devices.  This post, as well as the Ars Technica round up are perfect examples of that, so follow the link to find out what devices they recommend to help you in your workday.

If you guessed the Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad are mentioned you will not be disappointed, however there are a lot of other recommendations.  The Keychron K1 Pro is a little more rare of a pick, but a good one if you want to look sharp while typing up your review.  Ducky, Razer, and Logitech all show up as you would expect, along with why they are the weapons of choice for that particular editor.

There is also a wrap up with a general guide on what you might want to look for when next you are shopping for a peripheral.

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