RockYou2024! A 10 Billion Password Compilation Of Security Failures Greatest Hits

Thanks ObamaCare!

Have I Been Pwned is going to need to update their leaked passwords database and possibly invest in new hardware to search the almost 10 billion passwords recently uploaded, in plain text, to the internet.  The document is basically a greatest hits of all the recent major breaches which managed to grab unencrypted passwords or led to hashed passwords being cracked.  To make matters worse, this is not the first release, we already saw around 8 billion passwords revealed in RockYou2021.txt.

RockYou2024 will make rainbow tables and credential stuffing attacks more effective, at least in the short run if not for years to come.  Sadly it comes in second place this year as a previous breach contained 12 terabytes of information, spanning over a mind-boggling 26 billion records.  It currently stands as the MOAB for security professionals.

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