REUSE, RECYCLE, REVAMP Finalists in The 2022 Hackaday Prize

Only The Projects Are Brand New

The second part of the 2022 Hackaday Prize is drawing to a close, with ten finalists chosen from all the entries they received in this category.   We won’t know who wins the Grand Prize until November, however you can check out all the projects here.  That is the best thing about the Hackaday Prize, everyone who joins must share their project in it’s entirety, for the idea is to more about making the world a smidgen better than it is about the prize money and access to a professional workshop at Supplyframe DesignLab.

Of the second batch of five projects types, this one targeted at “Reduce, Recycle, Revamp” there is the X-PC, which redesigns HP 6730 laptops into something sturdy enough to survive if you hand it off to a student, with easily replaceable parts and running Linux.  Perhaps the refined Trash Printer is more interesting, with details on how to build a large-format 3D printer from scratch, which uses shredded plastic trash instead of filaments and can be run on solar power to be a 100% effective recycling monster.

If you already have a 3D printer, maybe check out how to make PET filament from plastic bottles with the PullStruder?  Perhaps you’d prefer to flipkick on a Recycled Plastic Skateboard Deck?  Whatever your interest, check out the projects and see if one of them is something you’d like to build for yourself.

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