Rescuezilla 2.5 Released, Get It Before You Need It

Save That Data … Unless You Use ZFS

There is a new version of an Ubuntu 24.04 based boot disk of tools to save unhappy computers, Rescuezilla 2.5.  It is similar in function to Clonezilla but offers a friendly GUI based experience instead of just a command line.  If you have a system that won’t boot, Rescuezilla 2.5 will give you a very good chance to rescue it.  The tools include Gparted as well as things such as PhotoRec and TestDisk so you can clone the data from your troubled partition to a safe location.  Once your data is safe you can try recovering the partition, with your data safe from mishap if things go wrong.

It can read just about any disk and any filesystem from Apple HFS/HFS+ to NTFS, with the strange exception of ZFS which Ubuntu should be able to read.  You should grab a USB drive large enough for you to dump some more tools on it, and maybe a ISO of the OS you use to enhance the your data recovery options.  It’s absolutely free, you can follow the links at The Register to set it up.

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