Rehearsals Refined The Fosi Audio BT20A Pro Amplifier

Cue The Dénouement

Audio reviews are far more qualitative than most of the ones you will find on PCPer, as audio preferences are at least as personal as cuisine.  There was nothing tested which the Fosi BT20A Pro did poorly at, and the improvement in quality and features compared to the original amp they sent was every bit of a pleasant surprise as discovering them for the first time.  However, those seeking a 7.1 surround experience or who consider low latency Bluetooth a necessity and not a nice extra may feel differently.  You simply aren’t going to get those features for less than $100, instead you get two very well designed channels and superb bass and treble control.

The quality of audio input does certainly have an effect,  low quality YouTube audio will sound significantly different than a master track played from Tidal or a properly mastered movie.  The Fosi picks up the nuances of your source, for good or bad, and makes them quite audible.  You won’t have any complaints about the levels, no matter the source.

The impressive SNR and THD of the BT20A have had an interesting side effect, they are now used to do a proper level check on musical compositions.   My upstairs neighbour, also featured in the previous review, now prefers to check the levels of his music on the Fosi as opposed to the monitors and professional amp he has upstairs.  If that doesn’t give you an idea of the level of quality Fosi offers you for the price then not much will.  The fact that Fosi has given a 20% off code for readers of this review for the rest of the month, 20APROMKT20, means you can try out the BT20A Pro for $80.  

The idea of a low cost, high quality two channel amp which is small enough to be easily portable may seem odd but it does make a lot of sense, especially for homes that don’t have the space for a large amp.  The inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 makes it even more useful as you can avoid a lot of extra wiring, or hook it up outside to enjoy music with your barbeque.  Set up and tear down is a laugh, and won’t take you any time at all.

We would definitely like to thank Fosi for sending the BT20A over for testing, and for proving that they are still finding ways to improve their products without raising the price as so many others are doing these days.


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