Raspberry Pi OS 5.2 Is Served

They Just Missed Pi Day!

The new version of Raspberry Pi comes with updated software and some new features.  Raspberry Pi 5.2 will ship with new firmware, Linux kernel 6.6.20, and will be updated to Chromium 122 and Firefox 123 if you like to use that browser.  A new feature is the ability of the raspi-config program can to update the Pi 4 and later model’s onboard EEPROM.  If you tend to set and forget your RasPi devices, you will also be pleased to hear there are updates to how the wee computer handles headless operation as well as remote control over VNC. If you are more hands on, Pi OS 5.2 displays a dialog box offering to shutdown, reboot, or log out on Raspberry Pi 5 devices instead of just powering off.

The Register did notice an increase in the amount of filling included in this Pi and you should make sure your plate is large enough.  While they had absolutely no issues, their 16GB SD card only had 800MB left after they installed the new OS, which is running pretty tight for flash storage.  It might be a good time to grab a deal on a 32GB or larger card, just to give the controller some space to work with. 

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