Raspberry Pi Connect, Remote Access For Your Herd

Securely Connect To And Track Your Raspberry Pi 4, 5, or Pi 400

Ars Technica reports on a brand new feature called Raspberry Pi Connect which you can install on recent RasPi devices with a simple apt install command and a reboot.  Once you are back to the desktop you will see a brand new tray icon which walks you through assigning your device a Raspberry Pi ID.  Once it is registered you can remotely log in to it via an encrypted connection on, after passing a 2FA check.   The connection will be direct when possible, otherwise it is routed through relay servers in London.  The connection is encrypted with DTLS and the traffic on includes the minimum amount of metadata required to establish and maintain the connection.

The Raspberry Pi Connect beta does have some requirements to work properly, so you will need to ensure your Pi is a 64-bit system running the Bookworm version of Pi OS with a Wayland window server.  Test it out and see how well it works for yourself.

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