Quick Look: Wireless Web Meeting Headset From Monoprice

Do Your Job And A Bit More

The microphone audio quality is at least on par with similarly priced headsets, you will sound somewhat hollow compared to a proper microphone but several days of usage proved it to be perfectly sufficient.  No one seems to have noticed I swapped from the Corsair HS80’s I was previously utilizing, nor was I asked to repeat anything during meetings.   The incoming audio is fairly bass heavy and very clear, on Teams, Zoom and a finicky VoIP system as well.  Musical performance is nothing to write home about but is not unpleasant if you like to listen to tunes while you work.

There is an interesting toggle located on the headset which Monoprice refers to as the vibration feature.  It is advertised as enabling 3D vibration and stereo surround sound functionality.  It doesn’t vibrate as much as a haptic headset, but could instead be thought of as a Beats button.  If you recall that series of headsets they were extremely bass heavy and enabling this feature makes the headset reminiscent of a Dr Dre branded headset.  It also adds a bit of reverb to emulate surround sound so flipping it on during a boring meeting can provide some amusement as there is a definite change in everyone else’s voices.

The headset natively supports Bluetooth 5, though without any of the advanced features available to that protocol.  However it also ships with a USB wireless dongle so you can use these even if you are stuck on a desktop.  It also means you could connect it to a PS5 once you hit the end of your day if you so wished.  The dongle will disable the efficient sleep mechanism that extends battery life on WiFi giving a hard limit to battery life, thankfully there is a wired connection available as well if you do forget to charge them before your ~26 hours are up.   From the initial charge of about two hours, the Monoprice Wireless Web Meeting Headset lasted through three exceedingly long days of work without a recharge while connected via Bluetooth.  That is incredibly handy for something you don’t want to touch after the workday ends.

There are a lot of worse conferencing headphones at this price, without any of the features that this headset has.  The limited number of features gives Monoprice’s a significant battery life advantage over gaming headsets.  If you’ve become used to getting up and doing other things during meetings then the Monoprice Wireless Web Meeting Headset offers just what you’d hope for when on a call with your team and at the right price.

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