Pwnage StormBreaker Solves The Magnesium Deficiency Exhibited By Most Gaming Mice

The Mouse Of Choice For Thor?

If you’ve been exasperated by the lack of magnesium shelled gaming mice then check out the Pwnage StormBreaker.  Thanks to the material used and the holes cut in the shell the wireless mouse weighs a mere 51g, a fair amount less than most.  The design makes the mouse stand out but there is more to it than good looks, such as the PixArt PAW3395 sensor and Omron D2FC-F-7N switches.  Pwnage further upgrades the mouse by allowing you to adjust the sensor across the vertical axis by 1cm so you can get the exact positioning your hand wants. 

If you are a fan of high polling rates, the Pwnage StormBreaker comes with 2000 Hz support which can be upgraded to 4000 Hz wireless polling with the latest firmware.  If you are going to try out that feature, TechPowerUp recommends switching to wired mode, otherwise the polling rate becomes quite unstable.  Check out more details in the full review.

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