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DIGITBLUE V10 USB Audio Sound Card | Microphone Portable Sound Card | Internet Entertainment Audio Sound Card

1. The switch button can be turned on or off for a long time by three seconds. When the power is turned on, the indicator light is blue, and the indicator light is red when charging. The electro-acoustic and audible buttons are reset by pressing for three seconds or automatically after pressing the number of species. 2. When the six red button lights flash at the same time or the sound is small, the sound quality is distorted, indicating that the sound card is running out of power. The lack of power will affect the sound quality. Please use it fully. The red indicator light after the full switch will automatically go out. There is no power prompt during the live broadcast. Emergency solution: charging in the charging treasure can be charged while playing live, which has little effect on the sound quality, but some charging treasures will also have current noise. When the power is connected to the power outlet, most of the live noise will be caused by the power supply. This is caused by the unstable power supply of the power supply base of the power supply. Please be aware. 3, the interface used should be fully inserted, the phone is equipped with a mobile phone case, please remove the phone case, to avoid the shell with a plug, after connecting, turn two round plugs. Some headsets are too sensitive, the sound card's microphone, reverb, high and low sound, monitor, these volume should not be adjusted to the maximum, otherwise there will be howling, please slowly adjust until no howling. 4, live or record songs, the recording volume of the sound card must be turned on, this is the volume heard by the audience and the volume recorded. 5, single mobile phone live or sing / national K song, music volume is adjusted on the phone, external input accompaniment can be adjusted on the sound card to adjust the music volume or accompaniment equipment. When listening to the live broadcast effect, do not listen to the live mobile phone in the same area test with the live mobile phone, there will be signal interference, forming a howling. 6. Live the computer or record the song. First, pull the computer speaker out of the computer, then turn off the power of the speaker. After the sound card is connected to the computer, you need to restart the computer to ensure normal operation. If the audience hears that the microphone sound is small, please tick the computer's microphone sound. It is not recommended to use the speaker for live broadcast. Please use the monitor earplugs. The speakers will accent and affect the sound quality that the audience hears. If you want to sing to the people around you, when using the speaker, the distance between the microphone and the speaker should be far away to avoid the whistling or interference sound caused by the speaker facing the microphone. 7. Each time you broadcast or record a song, test whether the sound card and the device are connected, press the sound card sound effect (such as the applause), you can record it or the audience can hear the sound effect, indicating that the sound card is connected to the device, you can use it with confidence.