Podcast #726 – Fractal Terra Review, AMD AM5 – Ryzen 8000 and Zen 4c, Radeon 7600 Beats 7900 XTX? Gigabyte Vulnerability And MORE

What would you say if you knew that another week had gone by, and that meant another PCPer podcast did happen?
Well then, it’s a good thing Josh had another tantalizing burger, because he needed his strength to talk for over an hour about the latest in PC hardware and software. But let’s not bury the lede, as the Fractal Terra is the star of the show in this episode, and Kent took some amazing photos (the review begins at 40:31 ).  We’ve got your security scares, some definite Diablo IV interest, and even Framework Laptop news. Full list of subjects in the time stamps beeeeloooow.

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