Podcast #700 – RTX 4080 Review, High GPU Prices Explained, GN Solves 4090 Connector Mystery, 1-click AMD boost, EPYC’ly good sausage + more!

Whoa, two weeks in a row!  Don’t get crazy, we’re taking off next week for Thanksgiving, so there.

And most importantly of all, we have made it to episode 700!!!

Inside, find the RTX 4080, our review.  The state of building a gaming PC today vs the consoles, hot takes abound.  Some good security news – for once.  AMD 1-click game tuning, coming soon to a GPU near you.  Power adapter-gate explained (TL;DR; – plug it all the way in!)  Plus gripping Nvidia earnings and some EPYC sausage.  Full timeline below.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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