Podcast #692 – AMD Ryzen 7000 Specs and Pricing, RTX 4070 Rumors, ARC Does Linux, Apple Right To Repair + MORE

Come on in for the food, stay for the tech chatter and other foolishness.

AMD Ryzen 7000 and AM5 – All the things.  Rumors on the RTX 4070, ARC GPU on Intel, Apple does “Right to Repair” … uh huh.  Gaming updates for System Shock and Razer mice. Security issues for 80,000 devices, how fun!

This week the hardware talk got so hot that Jeremy’s system overheated. Don’t worry, he took off the side panel and pointed a box fan at it (a true story), and we were able to make podcasting history. Presenting the WORLD’S FIRST pcper podcast number 692. It’s never been done before. It may never be done again.

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