PNY GeForce RTX 4060 XLR8 Gaming VERTO Review

A small PCB, with a cooler nearly twice its size

I did not have final pricing for this particular model from PNY before publication, but it will likely be in the area of $339 USD. Partner models with factory overclocks and overbuilt cooling solutions generally command a bit of a premium over MSRP, of course. Cards will already be listed for sale by the time you read this, and time will tell if the current pricing will be successful.

So there you have it. Another RTX 4060, and this time with slightly lower power draw and slightly higher performance than the ASUS model we looked at previously. Curious. As to this PNY card, it’s a nice piece of hardware that occupies far less space than any mainstream graphics card I’ve tested this generation. It runs cool and quiet, it has that robust 8-pin connector (hopefully all RTX 4060s will), and the RGB implementation is not over the top. If you are shopping for an RTX 4060, check this one out.

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