PNY EliteX-PRO60 Class 10 U3 V60 UHS-II 256GB SDXC Card Review

SD cards are not the most exciting topic, but if you are anything like me you rely on them every day. Content creation (whether you like the term or not) is a massive industry, and even if you don’t put anything out there for public consumption, if you use a camera for video at modern resolutions, you need large, fast storage.

We have looked at one of PNY’s high-performance cards before, with the X-PRO 90. That card offers tremendous read/write performance, but speeds of up to 280 MB/s write and 300 MB/s read just aren’t necessary for most applications. Enter the EliteX-PRO60, which offers transfer speeds of up to 280MB/s read and up to 180MB/s write – the latter a significant reduction from the PRO90, but still more than up to the task for 4K video.

The “60” part of the PRO60 name indicates the V60 Video Speed, “which ensures a minimum sustained read and write speed of 60MB/s, enabling the ability to capture extended lengths of 4K Ultra HD Video”, according to PNY. And this is a UHS-II card, though backwards compatible with UHS-I devices (such as my Sony ZV-E10 camera).

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