Play 60 Questions With AI With Microsoft Bing, ChrEdge, And Skype

Helloooo Chatbot

Microsoft is expanding the so called AI they added to Bing last week, regardless of how creative some of it’s answers have proved to be.  One of the major changes for those that are looking to play with the young machine learning algorithm is the number of questions with AI assistance you can ask, which is up to 60 per day.   You wouldn’t want to overload the poor young thing; especially as you can’t ask it about its feelings anymore.

The chatbot is now available on Microsoft’s Bing, Edge, and Skype apps for both Androids and iPhones, as well as the PC of course.  The integration with Skype is perhaps the most interesting, as one thing the Bing AI is decent at is real time translation, which it can do for over 100 languages.  You also have the option to add it to group chats in Skype, though the usefulness of this is yet to be determined.

The Register has a bit more in the way of details here, and you can join the wait list to try your hand at 60 questions with AI per day here.

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