Perhaps Today Chrome Will Let You Save To Your Network

This Alphabet Doesn’t Include The Letters U, N, Or C

Today should see the release of Chrome 110, though as of yet there is no sign of it.  While most Chrome updates, and those of web browsers in general, go unremarked this particular update is one that a lot of people are hoping will come out soon.  That would be because the current version of Chrome has a rather nasty bug, you can’t download a file directly to a UNC path.

If you use Chrome you may have noticed a lot more system file warnings lately, specifically when you try to save a file to a network drive or a path to one of your more cloudy file shares.  The bug flags these downloads as system files and presents you with an error when attempting to save directly to a UNC path.  If you download it locally and then copy it over all is fine, but for devices with limited storage, such as Chromebooks, that might not be a great workaround.

Alphabet was inclusive with this bug, as it is not just Windows machines which are effected by the bug.  Chrome will update automatically, but if this problem is bugging you then check that update button periodically throughout the day as it is scheduled to be fixed today.

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