PC Perspective Chair Round Up, The Best Of A Gaming Fundament

It’s A Cushy Job, But Someone’s Got To Do It

The seat material used in the FlexiSpot BS14 is fairly stiff and should easily provide years of comfort for someone of average weight, though I suspect a maximum 330lb load would shorten that time somewhat.   It is nowhere near as stiff as the Vertagear PL6800’s seat which will be a boon if you are well under 200lbs.  The size of the cushion will be more than sufficient for the majority, however you can move the backrest forward with one of the controls if you find it too deep.

The back is at a good height, though you will have to have a long torso to properly enjoy resting your head on the the backwards swoop found at the top of the seat back.   The five positions of the lumbar support offer a broad range of coverage and it does protrude far enough to actually provide support.  Your back will have to like one of those positions however, since the support locks in specific places instead of freely sliding.  If none of those positions hits the spot exactly you will have to find workarounds.

FlexiSpot doesn’t provide specifications on the maximum comfortable height for the BS14, however the top seat height of 46.1″ should give you a clue.  At the maximum extension the seat was still a little low for me, so if you top 6′ and have fairly long legs then you will likely prefer a taller chair.  The height limit seems to be common amongst the other FlexiSpot chair designs, which you should definitely keep in mind.  I have found this to be common with many of the chairs, gaming or ergonomic, which I have tried out not to mention airplane seating.  If you fit comfortably in most chairs then the BS14 will be a good size for you.

The arms are fully adjustable in four directions, sliding in and out, up and down, forwards and and backwards as well as rotating 360 degrees.  The recline of the back has tension and locking controls with a third that brings the back closer to the seat.  The angles on the seat back turn this into a bit of a forward feeling lean, good for your typing position as well as making it easier to get out of the chair.

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