PC Freezing Shortly After Boot? It Could be Avira Antivirus

If It Can Update You’ll Be Fine, Otherwise It’s Time For A Support Call

Over the weekend a number of people found their PCs freezing roughly 20 seconds after it starts up; a hard reboot the only way to unfreeze the machine.  Unfortunately, the next boot you will see the same behaviour and you will be stuck in a labour intensive reboot loop.  A few technically inclined users started disabling background apps, and found that even if everything but Avira was disabled they still locked up.  Others tried safe mode to immediately remove Avira in Safe Mode and both found that the moment Avira was removed they no longer had lock ups.

Avira investigated and determined a part of the Avira internal Firewall was causing the lock ups.  The problem first occurred on last Friday, with Avira responding on Monday with a patch addressing the problem.  If you are still encountering lock ups, Avira asks you reach out to their support team to allow them to get you back  up and running.

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