Patriot Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5-8000, 32GB And CL 38

With Room To Overclock

To give away one of the best things about Patriot’s Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5-8000 kit immediately, you can grab the 32GB kit for $330.  For that price you get timings of 38-48-48-84 2T and it will only need 1.45V to function, not quite low enough for AMD but closer than some kits.  If that isn’t enough to make you consider grabbing this kit for your Intel system, TweakTown was able to drop the CL to 36 while remaining at DDR5-8000, when the left the timings alone they could push the frequency to DDR5-8267.

High frequency DDR5 doesn’t have a huge effect on your gaming performance, but there are some applications which love the extra frequency.  At this price, it makes sense to grab the Viper Xtreme 5 DDR5-8000 kit as opposed to a lower frequency kit of the same price.

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