Pacific Drive Looks Weird And Interesting

It’s Rogue-like, S.T.A.L.K.E.R-like And You Get A Woody

There haven’t been many odd car games recently; racing sims aplenty but not so many descended from Car Wars.  Pacific Drive offers something for those of us who want driving to be a part of the game but not the entire focus.  Enter in a strange station wagon with wooden side panels, that you use to explore the bizarre anomalies which have appeared in the US Pacific Northwest, and the explorer that drives it.

There was no mention of skill trees for your character, however the developers described how your car will gain a personality to Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN.  Over time quirks will develop, mostly neutral but occasionally annoying, such as your horn honking whenever you put your car in gear.  These will be fixable if you like, but generally the idea is to make your car unique to your playthrough.  The car can be upgraded and modified with things you discover, which should improve your chance of surviving your forays.

The zone itself seems to have strange and interesting beasties, such as a floating Pickpocket which is capable of stealing a door right off of your car.   Your exploration will be in 1km squares, more or less, in which you explore and loot before teleporting back after gathering everything you need to open a portal to safety.

Check out the new trailer at RPS for a more interesting and visual description of the upcoming game.

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