Oh Ya, Netflix Did Get Into Games

If You’ve Played Netflix Games, You Are Part Of The One Percent!

Do you recall Netflix launching a gaming service to their app back in November of last year?  If you do recall that launch, there is still a good chance you’ve made minimal use of it.  According to a recent review of Netflix’s 221 million subscribers globally, the regular users of Netflix games number a mere 1.7 million per day.  The lack of any indication of games on the TV app is likely a major cause of this, as not everyone streams Netflix on their mobile devices.

The catalog has certainly expanded to now include several games you may have heard of, like Exploding Kittens and Into the Breach in addition to the games based on shows offered on the streaming service.  Indeed, they haven’t given up as they have recently acquired three indie game studios to expand their lineup to at least 50 games by the end of the year.

Perhaps it is worth checking out if you watch Netflix on your mobile device, as playing any game via the same interface we are forced to use to search content with on Netflix is going to be even less fun with Netflix games.

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