NVIDIA’s GeForce Now Goes On The Road With You

Play CyberPunk In Your Non-CyberTruck

Today distracted driving hits a new level as GeForce Now begins a limited rollout to car entertainment screens near you.  Currently only Hyundai, Polestar and China’s BYD have expressed interest but it is inevitable that other companies will pick it up in the near future.  The client will work on both Android and the web-based infotainment systems found in other automobiles, so compatibility with NVIDIA’s s Drive platform should not be an issue.  

It will be interesting to see how much data this could use on a road trip, which could greatly increase the cost of entertaining yourself on a long road trip.  The subscription model will remain the same, so you can avoid paying for high tier performance unless you plan to make use of it.  The announcement also states that while you can play games in the back seat at any time, access to GeForce Now on the front console will be limited to when you are parked or charging the car.  

We will see how long it takes for someone to design a workaround for that.

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