NVIDIA Hot Fix A Comin’ For Your BSoDs and High CPU Usage

What!  You Don’t Want CPU Usage To Go Up When You Quit A Game?

NVIDIA’s recent Game Ready 531.18 WHQL driver came with some unintended features, to the dismay of some users.  It was noticed by a few gamers that their CPU usage spiked by an average of 10% upon exiting a game or rendering program.  As this is rather odd behaviour they posted their findings to the web and more users discovered the same thing.

The cause was tracked down and the guilty party revealed to be the Nvidia Game Session Telemetry Plugin, NvGSTPlugin.dll, which was the cause of this.  In most cases the DLL just lead to a spike in CPU usage, however there are more than a few users that are experiencing BSoDs in games, especially the game which shall not be named.

NVIDIA expects the hotfix for high CPU usage and crashes to be ready for release tomorrow.  In the mean time you can roll back your driver, if you haven’t memorized that process Bleeping Computer were nice enough to list the steps here.

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