NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Review – Featuring ASUS

Ada now starts at 300 USD. Are you excited?

NVIDIA is all-in on AI, but consumer GPUs are still a thing. And while marketing for even this modest little RTX 4060 will still center around AI-powered technologies (DLSS, frame generation), it is still a conventional desktop graphics solution. As such, there is the raster performance question, particularly as it relates to AMD’s latest offering.

And yes, this is another 8GB product in 2023, and I do remember that the RTX 3060 had 12GB of VRAM. Call it a regression if you must, but NVIDIA will point out that their big L2 cache and DLSS + FG will all but alleviate your VRAM concerns. But let’s be honest. No product with 8GB of VRAM that costs $300 in 2023 is going to gain the Gamers Nexus or Hardware Unboxed seal of approval. YouTube skews negative, and they will probably have a field day with this.

In this written review, I will present some actual data from benchmarks I have just completed running over the past few days, and let you decide if this card is worth your hard-earned money. No drama, just the facts, ma’am. Beginning with these specs (which I’ll probably have to update since I am not 100% sure on a couple of them):

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