NVIDIA at GDC 2023: New DLSS 3 PC Games and Tools

DLSS 3 Adoption to Grow Significantly

There’s a lot more DLSS 3 coming soon to a game near you, as NVIDIA is making a major push at adoption of their latest-gen Deep Learning Super Sampling tech. Upcoming games with DLSS 3 support include high-profile titles Diablo IV, Forza Horizon 5, and Redfall – and Unreal Engine 5.2 Integration is also coming.

NVIDIA will make DLSS Frame Generation plug-ins publicly available to developers during GDC, with access via NVIDIA Streamline.

DLSS Frame Generation Publicly Available for Developers at GDC

NVIDIA will make DLSS Frame Generation plug-ins publicly available during GDC, allowing even more developers to integrate the framerate boosting technology into their games and applications.

DLSS Frame Generation will be available to access via NVIDIA Streamline, an open-source, cross-vendor framework that simplifies the integration of super-resolution technologies in 3D games and apps.

DLSS technology is always improving through ongoing training on NVIDIA’s AI supercomputer. The public release will incorporate the latest DLSS enhancements made earlier this year, including:

  • DLSS Frame Generation takes better advantage of game engine data, improving user interface stability and image quality during fast movement.
  • DLSS Super Resolution improves Ultra Performance mode, with finer detail stability and overall better image quality.
  • DLAA improves image quality, reduces ghosting and improves edge smoothness in high-contrast scenarios.

Unreal Engine 5.2 Integration, Adding DLSS 3 to Unreal Engine Games Simpler Than Ever

NVIDIA and Epic announced the integration of NVIDIA DLSS 3 into the popular Unreal Engine (UE) game engine. Unreal Engine is an open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool that gives game developers and creators the freedom and control to deliver cutting-edge real-time 3D content, interactive experiences and immersive virtual worlds. The DLSS 3 plug-in will debut in UE 5.2, making it simpler for any developer to accelerate the performance of their game or application.

“NVIDIA DLSS 3 introduces truly impressive frame generation technology and the Unreal Engine 5.2 plug-in will offer developers a great choice for increased quality and performance of their games,” said Nick Penwarden, vice president of engineering at Epic Games.

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