Next Level Racing’s F-GT Simulator Cockpit … On Wheels!

$800 To Make Josh Jealous

Why embarrass your HOTAS or racing wheel by attaching it to a desk when you can give it a home in a triple monitor cockpit simulator?  That price doesn’t include the system you will need to power a resolution of 7680x1440p like NiKKTECH chose, the input devices of your choice, nor the cables to connect it all together.  You do get a chair that can be set to either formula or GT racing, and you can even add a “Buttkicker” to it if you want the extra realism.

There were more options available as well, for instance you could opt for a huge ultrawide instead of three monitors and wheels to make it easier to move around.  It’s worth taking a look, you might not have the space, physically or financially, to set up the F-GT Simulator Cockpit but it is an impressive set up.  There is a video included so you can get an idea of just what this would look like once it is all set up.

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