New X670 BIOS To Prevent Toasted Ryzen 7000X3D’s

Overvolting 3D V-Cache Remains A Bad Idea

A number of users are reporting having an awful weekend, as their new AMD systems began to fail to boot.  A number of reports at Reddit and YouTube describe systems running a Ryzen 7 7000X3D on an X670 suddenly failing to boot.  At least one user posted a picture of the bottom of a 7000X3D chip with a rather nasty bulge that also bent the pins in the ZIFF socket, rendering both unusable.  The sources suggest you should swallow your entire salarium while looking at the posts, however a new BIOS released by MSI suggests that there is truth to the posts.

The new BIOS removes any ability to overvolt the CPU, by the user or by software, which should prevent the damage that people are reporting.   The boards themselves could also be somewhat at fault, as the chips with 3D V-cache run at a lower voltage than regular Ryzen processors so it is possible for the board itself to provide that deadly extra juice.

There are only a small number of reports, from users of MSI and ASUS boards, we expect more information as those companies research the occurrences.  In the meantime you should definitely update to the new MSI BIOS and keep an eye out for a release from ASUS.

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