Need More Endings? Get Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

At This Point It Has To Be Mostly Patched, Right?

CD Projekt Red released Cyberpunk 2077 as a rush job far earlier than they should have, at release it was almost more bug than it was game.  That has changed since the release, with most of the problems completely resolved and the game is actually now worth playing.  They obviously learned a lesson, as the first DLC is only now being shown off.  This bodes well for it’s playability on day one, here’s hoping there are no unforeseen consequences in the main campaign once Phantom Liberty is installed.  

Similar to The Witcher’s DLCs, the mission that triggers Phantom Liberty will unlock at a certain time during the main campaign, and you can then start it up whenever you so chose.  Just like the main game it will have a number of different endings, and at least one of those endings triggers a new ending for the main game.

It will be out Sept. 26th for $30.

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