MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 AIO Provides Quiet Cooling

Perfect For Quiet Systems

The MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 will not impress overclockers, as the temperatures at 100% fan speed do not impress.  The MAG CoreLiquid E360 cannot keep up with the other coolers that The FPS Review tested it against.  That is not to say it failed to keep their i9-13900K within safe temperatures, merely that if you are looking to maximize your cooler with no regards to sound then this is not the cooler for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking to build a quiet system then you should definitely take a look at this cooler.  Of all the coolers tested only the MSI MAG CoreLiquid E360 was capable of keeping a 250W thermal load below 100C at 600 RPM fans.  The cooler might be loud at full fan speed, but as you reduce the speed the sound becomes almost inaudible at 35.8dBA.  

Check out the full review of this specialized cooler here.

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