MSI Immerse GH50, Virtual 7.1 And RGB Mystic Light

Good For Gaming, Music Not So Much

The MSI Immerse GH50 should satisfy anyone who needs RGBs on their gaming headset, with the MSI Center allowing you to modify the speed and colour sequence of the lighted logo, as well as changing the colour.  That is also the most impressive physical characteristic of the headset, as it is made mostly of plastic with faux leather earpads.  That is somewhat hard to fault considering it is available for $60.  

This is a wired headset with a removable microphone that is good enough, you won’t have to repeat yourself but you will sound like you are on a cellphone, more or less.  As for the audio, virtual 7.1 continues to be somewhat disappointing but at least you have a lot of control over the size of the room you are emulating.  The software also includes a graphic equalizer to let you tweak the sound to your preference.

OCInside doesn’t recommend the headset for those looking to mostly listen to music, however for gaming it is a decent budget option.

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