Move Over Ti SUPER, Behold The RTX Remaster Beta

Ray Trace DirectX 8 And 9 Games, Just Like They Were Meant To Be

NVIDIA announced more than just a GPU with a name as large as the card yesterday, they also announced RTX Video HDR and the RTX Remaster Beta.  The former will enable online SDR video content to be transformed into HDR content with their latest driver.  You will need an HDR monitor of course, it’s not quite magic but should certainly make your YouTube experience brighter.

The latter will be of interest to game modders, as the RTX Remaster Beta has become available to all.  The tools that brought you Portal with RTX are now available to all.  Unfortunately it is not as simple as pushing a button or dropping a file into the game folder, you will have to put in a bit of work to make your old games look brand new.  RTX Remaster will do most of the heavy lifting, automatically upscaling low-res textures up to four times the original resolution and adding dynamic lighting but if you want your mod to look great you can’t just count on the AI.

The current open beta is specifically for DX8 and DX9 games, but Ars Technica was assured that NVIDIA is working on making RTX Remaster compatible with more modern games.

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