More Of NVIDIA’s RTX 4090, Less Than $0.70 Per Gram!

Or Around $315 Per Pound If You Prefer

It is hard to say exactly what Ada Lovelace would say about her namesake but it is fairly safe to say she would be flabbergasted by the computational power of the RTX 4090 FE.  We all certainly knew that it would be more powerful than the previous generations of NVIDIA cards, with 44 more shaders, 5632 more CUDA cores, 176 more Tensor and 44 more RT cores, as compared to the 3090 Ti. What we didn’t expect is just how much better the performance is.

As you saw in Sebastian’s review, the performance at 3440×1400 is awe inspiring, especially in games that support ray tracing.  The FPS Review tried the RTX 4090 FE out at 4K and saw similarly inspired performance.  Cyberpunk 2077 at 4k with Ultra settings averaged 55FPS, dropping to 44FPS with Ultra Ray Tracing.  While that is more or less playable, there is no reason to suffer as you can enable DLSS 3.0, crank the Ray Tracing to Psycho and see an average of 75FPS.

Cyberpunk was about the only game you need DLSS 3.0 for, even Metro Exodus with everything turned up to maximum averaged 72FPS at 4K, though if you want to put that monitor to work you can easily hit 100FPS with DLSS 3.0.  There is overlap between the games in these two reviews but the difference in resolution as well as the test system make it worth dropping by.  There are even more down below if you want to keep dreaming.

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