More Homeworld 3 Revealed – PC Perspective

Savour The Flavour Layer Of Homeworld 3

It is quite possible you started a replay of the first two Homeworld titles to ready yourself for next February, which you may or may not have set aside for a bit.  If that is the case then these two silent movies and one video might just get you back at it tonight.  Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN posted the cinematic teaser, rather pretty to look at even if it doesn’t recall the original hand drawn art of the originals.   The second of the silent series shows off some rather impressive lighting effects, as well as lovely environments it will be interesting to try to navigate.

The last of the flavour reveals gives examples of the chatter you will hear while you are playing.  As you pan around your armada, you may well stumble into a conversation taking place between two of your ships which you will only hear when you are close.  The ships commander’s audio will always be audible, acknowledging your orders just as they always have, however if you are close to the ship when you give the new order, you might just hear what the tactical officer thinks of those orders.

Here’s hoping it turns out to be as good as it looks, and lives up to it’s lineage.

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